eXtreme Steel Head Cage With 6 Inch Collar

Item# RI651_C6
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Product Description

Darkness and limited sound, the perfect combination for sensory deprivation! This steel head cage will enclose your sub in darkness. Not only is vision taken away, but it will also dampen sound. This combination will create immense sensory deprivation. Steel head cage does have two small holes, one in front and one in back, to keep airflow within the cage. Head cage has two halves that are hinged at the top which allows it to open vertically. Once head is place in and head cage is closed, there are two D-Rings at either side of neck to apply locks.

Measurements: 12 inches in diameter, 12 inches in height. Collar measures 6 inches in diameter.

Material: Steel

Color: Grey

Note: Locks sold separately. Due to the weight of this item, it is recommended it be suspended to avoid injuries to the neck and shoulders.