Strict Leather Leg Binders

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Leather Leg Binders

Keep them where you want with these great leather leg binders! Once placed on your sub, they will not be able to walk away from you! Made from high quality leather, your sub will be comfortable while their legs are immobilized. Just image tempting them to walk out the door as you go get your next toy and come back to find them only inches, if that, from where they were. Each one has a waist belt to hold the binders in place while the lace up back and belt help with a snug and secure fit.


For additional security for a tight fit, two straps have been added. One strap goes across the ankles and the other around the waist.

One foot strap keeps the leg binders from being pulled upward.

All leather waist harness with four straps that attach to the leg binder keeps the unit in place.

Multiple sizing options allow this bondage device to fit most people.


Small/Medium: 35 inches in length and fits 28-34 inch waists.

Medium/Large: 36.5 inches in length and fits 35-41 inch waists.