Come Hither Handcuffs with Safety Release

Item# AD116

Product Description

...I want you to submit, comply, and consent to your own sexual unfolding...Sir says as he pulls my hands behind my back, leaving me waiting and wanting....I will assist you in your adventure into the land of BDSM...With this I feel the cool strength of metal wrapped firmly around my wrists, leaving me superbly exposed and helpless.

Durable and easy to use, the Come Hither Cuffs adjustable fit ensures a comfortable experience for the wearer. Locks on both cuffs and a set of two working keys offer security. A chain running between the two cuffs links them together, while giving you a place to connect a variety of other bondage restraint accessories for even more play options. The safety release will free you from the cuffs, even without the key.

Material: Iron

Color: Silver