Fur Lined Leather Suspension Cuff Kit with Bondage Ring

Item# AE305
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Product Description

This all in one suspension kit features two comfortable, durable, and secure leather fur lined cuffs, with a heavy duty Shibari ring so you can string them up and leave them completely at your mercy. You can attach the cuffs to the ring with rope, carabiners, snap hooks, or however you wish. Hang the ring from the ceiling or a supportive frame, it is designed to take weight without bending or warping. This simple and exciting kit contains the essentials to get started with suspension play.

Measurements: Cuffs fit wrists up to 10 inches in circumference, 2.5 inches in width. Ring measures 7.88 inches across and can support a weight of up to 2000kg

Material: Leather, fleece, steel

Color: Black

Note: Kit contains 2 wrist cuffs and 1 shibari ring. Spring snap hooks are not included.