Leviathan Giant Inflatable Silicone Dildo with Internal Core

Item# AB524
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Product Description

This giant inflatable dildo is designed to fill you completely. You control the size and feel of this stupendous inflatable cock. Test your limits with this hugely massive dildo!

If grandiose and intimidating is your idea of a good time, look no further. Both are exemplified here with the Leviathan Giant Inflatable Dildo. Your plaything will be ultimately challenged with the length and girth as it stands, let alone once it is inflated. Semi-realistic bumps and ridges are added for stimulation. Lube will be necessary, as will patience. Once inserted, Leviathan can be inflated to a fuller size by pumping the attached bulb. To deflate, simply turn the knob at the base of the pump.

Measurements: Uninflated: 13.5 inches in total length, 2.86 inches in diameter; Inflated: 14.5 inches in length, 3.58 inches in diameter

Material: Silicone rubber and metal

Color: Black