Hot Ass Butt Candle

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Add a little fun to your wax play scene with this Hot Ass Butt Candle! Shaped like a lady's derriere with her lovely lips exposed, you can light up this candle and start an even sexier scene! With a low melting temperature, the wax will melt quickly so you can easily start your play soon after lighting the wick. Made out of paraffin wax, this wax is also more moisturizing to the skin although it burns at a hotter temperature so use it further away from the skin while testing it out. This candle is unscented so it doesn't trigger any allergies and is safer to use.

Lay a tarp or towel down underneath your partner to catch any wax droplets or spills. Then ask them to get naked to the degree they are comfortable with. Getting wax out of clothing is challenging, so only wear clothes that you are okay getting wax on. After some light foreplay and scene negotiation, light the candle and begin to drop the wax from at least a foot above their body. Try out little amounts at a time and see what areas of the body they feel comfortable with. Wipe your hand over the wax immediately, spreading it thinner, if it's too hot for them. Test it out on yourself first to get an idea of the temperature!

Measurements: Overall: 4.6 inches Long x 4.4 inches Wide x 2.4 inches High

Burn time: 15 hours

Materials: Paraffin wax

Melting temp: 136-140˚ F (58-60˚ C)

Color: Light skin toned

Key Features:

Wax Play Candle: Enjoy a little temperature play with this wax play candle shaped like a delicious, female derriere!

Moisturizing Paraffin Wax: The paraffin wax adds a little more moisture to your skin as it melts on you!

Low Melting Point: Get the wax turning to liquid faster with a low melting point.

Unscented: Never worry about smells that trigger your partner or cause allergies with unscented candles!