Pussy Face Female Orgasm Denial Chastity Kit

Item# AF470

Product Description

Turn your partner into an oral-only slave to remind them that their purpose is to bring you pleasure! Strap them into a highly adjustable chastity belt, designed with two straps for simplicity and ease-of-use. One strap secures around the hips, while the other runs up between the legs. Using the two small padlocks, you can strap your partner in tight, denying them access to satisfaction and unable to escape. Sitting low on the hips and with a sleek profile, this devious device can be worn out under clothes for an added element of excitement. Next, secure the humiliating Pussy Face gag around their head, prying their teeth and lips open. The adjustable strap also has a locking buckle to ensure the ultimate control. Thrust your shaft through the realistic vulva-shaped sleeve and straight into their mouth! This kit ensures that your desperate plaything is put to work without consideration for their release!


Chastity belt fits waists between 25 and 35 inches in circumference. Bottom strap adjustable from 11 to 21 inches in length.

Interior gag diameter is 1.75 inches, 1 inch insertable. Straps adjust up to 26.5 inches in circumference.

Material: PU leather, TPE, metal.

Color: Black.

Note: Includes 2 locks and keys. Bra not included.