Thinz 6 Inch Slim Dildo with Balls - Light

Item# CN-12-0510-10
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Product Description

Super slim and sure to please, this Thinz Dong is perfect for those who desire a toy on the comfy side of size! If your holes are tight and shallow, this is the perfect dildo for you - the lifelike design is handcrafted for an appealing appearance and lifelike texture, while the modest size prevents an uncomfortable stretch and penetration.

Enjoy rubbing against the realistically textured ball sack as you bottom out on this dildo - the ball sack gives this dildo an even more genuine appearance, as well as a physical stop to prevent this dildo from slipping completely inside you.

Each dong is made with ultra premium enhanced PVC, sourced from the USA for high standards of quality. The firm yet pliable nature of these shafts provides the perfect combination of comfort and pleasure for all levels of play! Body safe, latex free, and phthalate free for a fulfilling body-safe and worry-free session.

The sturdy suction cup makes this dildo harness compatible so you can strap-on and get down with your lover with a dildo that is gentle and forgiving - the thin body makes it easy for you to really thrust into your partner without worry of hurting them. Thinz dildos are low maintenance and easy to clean so you can focus on your fun!

Measurements: 6 inches total length, 5 inches insertable length, 1.5 inches thickest diameter

Materials: Phthalate-free enhanced PVC

Color: Light